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Who am I? That is a question I answer and redefine every day. A little goofy, kinda crazy and I am still deciding what I want to be when I grow up. I am a mom of two amazing children Zoe and Peyton who inspire me every day. I am a wife, an artist, a teacher and a student. These are things I do while living with Multiple Sclerosis. When people find out I have MS they usually say I am sorry. I am not sorry I have MS. It has made me the person I am today. Never taking things for granted and never holding back! It really has been a gift. A gift one would never recognize unless they experienced it for themselves. I have always wanted to design jewelry but it never seemed like the right time. I was always up to something creative so I kept myself busy even if it was only in my head and in my dreams. One day I woke up and realized I have right now and now is the perfect time to embark on my journey and become a jewelry designer. I researched, watched every YouTube tutorial I could, I read blogs and books and stories. I experimented and played. This all needed to be documented so i started a blog so I could revisit the whole glorious process. So who am I? Check out my jewelry and visit often because it is constantly evolving. Follow my blog and read about my process. I make sure I post lots of tutorials for those of you who also want to explore jewelry making for yourselves. My jewelry is available to purchase. Just follow the link. I design custom pieces so if you are like me and you know what you want but just can’t find it then let’s have a chat and make it happen! Thank you for reading my story. Comments and feedback are always welcome and deeply appreciated.

Lisa K Frazer ZoePea Handcrafted Jewelry

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