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I choose Joy. The prospect of playing excites me. The Troy Makers Market has become a home to me. I have been creating my entire life. What started out as toilet paper sculptures and princess hats has become so many other things. I have dabbled in just about every medium I could get my hands on. Each new adventure brings new knowledge to what has evolved into myself as a creative being. These days metal is my thing. Once terrified of fire i decided I was going to "Make silver my Bitch" I start with the most basic of raw materials and explore them transforming them into something bigger. I have to feel a piece begin to become what it is meant to be. When the metal is on my charcoal block there is a brief moment between fractions of a second when and argentium silver begins to fuse with gold and the metals begin to swirl and dance and the metal is now forever changed into something more. What raises a piece of jewelry to the level of art? That is my mission.

Dream with me. My greatest pleasure as a jewelry artist is when a customer brings me something from their life that means something. Together we can lay the groundwork to build a setting and turn that meaningful memory into a piece of wearable art that would not exist without the relationship between us. How can I guarantee that this will not be just another piece of jewelry that ends up in the bottom or your jewelry box? By making something that means something to you. Something you are a part of. So again I ask, Dream with me. 

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